* New in 2021* The Foundation has commissioned and financed two new books for Coaches that will be published in 2021. The first, by Thomas Dowens MBE the former Scottish Men's Team and professional development coach for the Scottish Volleyball Association will be available in both printed and e formats on February 1st. All profits from the book will be covenanted by the Foundation to the SVA to support the development of junior and grassroots volleyball in Scotland.
* New in 2021* The Foundation has commissioned and financed two new books for Coaches that will be published in 2021.  The first, by Thomas Dowens MBE the former Scottish Men's Team and professional development coachfor the Scottish Volleyball Association will be available in both printed and  e formats on February 1st. All profits from the book will be covenanted by the Foundation to the SVA to support the developmentof junior and grassroots volleyball in Scotland.  
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endorsed by Volleyball England


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Sitting volleyball posts by Ruth Nicholls Volleyball Foundation

Sitting Volleyball Posts  endorsed by Volleyball England. Socketed posts can be expensive to buy and to insert floor sockets which is why we have developed these portable Sitting Volleyball Posts

  • wheelable from store to court
  • adjustable for men and womens height
  • Strong and durable rotationally moulded
  • Needs minimal floor storage space.
  • Can also be used for short tennis,badminton and Primary volleyball up to Key Stage 2​
  • Endorsed by Volleyball England for teaching and recreational sitting volleyball.
  • Endorsed by Volleyball England for Primary volleyball up to Key DStage 2


Buy  from Bishop Sports  www.bishopsport .co.uk

or Volleyball England.


Very popular product used widely in the UK and also in Spain, France and lately Hong Kong.



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